Originally I volunteered with The Tsunami Volunteer Center after the tsunami for twenty six days. Yes life changing... My volunteer work included teaching english, and art to children who had lost their parents, homes, and a huge part of their community, we painted boats at the Cape Pakarang Boat Yard, and transformed classrooms from dark, and dreary to bright and happy places. We worked throughout the Phang Nga Province including Ban Nam Khem, Takua Pa, Biang Sang, and Laem Khem.  Khao Lak is a beautiful long stretch of narrow coastline located in the Phang Nga province on the eastern side of southern Thailand. This is the area that was hardest-hit by the December 26, 2004 tsunami. 
In a nutshell, Khao Lak stole my heart; the children, volunteers and staff at TVC, the gracious Thai people and my new lifelong friends , have all been a source of constant inspiration. To stay in touch with not one or two volunteers but an core community for an entire year on a regular basis is powerful! we have all discussed ideas, thought concerns, from around the world...and this is our project.
I have thought all year how I can further contribute to this village and the children and at the same time be authentic to who I am and what i am passionate about: creativity. The See and Sprout Project is my way, OUR way . To create a sustainable option for those who have suffered and still suffer hardship.
I launched the project in November 2007. We will be taking our project to a new country each year--please join in the journey!