see & sprout launch note 2007
Tuesday November 27, 3007 we had our first meeting with the kids at the orphanage. Stephanie and I chose ten of the older children to participate. We reviewed the project goals with them , how it will work and also asked for their ideas and suggestions. We broke into three groups to learn how the camera works, and long time Baan Tham Namcahi supporter and friend John from Chico and his lovely wife happened to be visiting --which was perfect because we needed her as our translator and John is a photographer! We took our first set of practice photos, demonstrated how we print on our super cool itty bitty and amazing HP portable printers (which they LOVED!) and here’s to the beginning of our planted seeds of creativity! I have to say when I looked down at one of the girls notebooks and saw her write  out “See and Sprout” and her notes from our dry erase board , tears came to my eyes-- it all become REAL! This is really happening and I am touched , grateful to all of you who donated and are part of this beautiful journey with us! THANK YOU!!